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MRP Software Features & Functions

A modern MRP software platform performs the following key functions in an organization:

General / Basic MRP Functions

Master production schedule (MPS)
Item master data (technical data)
Bill of materials (BOM) (technical data)
Production resources data (manufacturing technical data) Inventories and orders (inventory control)
Purchasing management
Material requirements planning (MRP)
Shop floor control (SFC)
Capacity planning or capacity requirements planning (CRP)
Standard costing (cost control)
Cost reporting / management (cost control)

Auxiliary MRP Functions

Business planning
Lot traceability
Contract management
Tool management
Engineering change control
Configuration management
Shop floor data collection
Sales analysis and forecasting
Finite capacity scheduling (FCS)

Optional MRP Functions

General ledger
Accounts payable (purchase ledger)
Accounts receivable (sales ledger)
Sales order management
(Distribution requirements planning) (DRP)
Automated warehouse management
Project management
Technical records
Computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM)