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MRP versus ERP

Material requirements planning (MRP) and manufacturing resource planning (MRPII) are predecessors of enterprise resource planning (ERP). The development of these manufacturing methods and tools made ERP systems possible. Both MRP and MRP II are still widely used, independently and as modules of ERP systems

Put another way, MRP is a subset of ERP. It covers the period of time from when an item originates, the source materials are identified and acquired, resources are determines, to when development actions are planned. The next step is for manufacturing execution systems (MES) to begin.

ERP combines MRP with MES and extends both. MRP and MES concentrate on planning for individual jobs, while ERP focuses on the supply chain from buying raw materials to delivery of completed goods to the client. MRP concentrates on increasing effectiveness during the course of a single job while ERP is a more holistic integrated system that covers all jobs from start to finish.